Friday, January 2, 2015

China Exchange Game Night Dec 2014

Great Game Night this past December! We had a big turnout, including some alums! 

This year's group brought tons of videos games and some new ideas to the table--a treasure hunt that had a few girls running around grabbing stars off the walls like crazy at about 7:30. our other clubs pulled through with some awesome games, as well. Big thanks to Comic Club who hosted 30-sec drawing competitions; Health Club, who organized push-up competitions and hackey sack; Model UN for coordinated Pie-A-Teacher (and several students!); and of course our Mr. Barreto for running the limbo competition. 

 Pushup competition!
 Saira in the ladies finals of limbo!
 Mr. Levine getting ready to be pied.
Kenny getting even readier.

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